Beside Bath Street and The Minnows, in the area between Fore Street and Holyrood Street, a spring emerges. The spring water collects in Mill Pond beside some stone remains of mill buildings, here stood a grist mill which ground grains such as corn or wheat to produce flour. The mill on this site would have been powered by water stored in pools, replenished with the spring water which rises here. 

The map above (from Chard museum) shows the grist mill and surrounding land. Although the spread of buildings looks quite different today, the area is still recognisable from the main streets.

In a grist mill grains are ground by a large mill stone, driven by gears, powered by water.

Mill stone diagram (source:

Water for our thirst,

water for our bodies clean,

water to move heavy stones,

to grind our grain,

to keep us keen.