Work from sessions with the Nightingale group and Chard Together event 

русло річки

Workshop with the Ukrainian group using homemade inks to paint Chard stones found during the project. We put the stones together to create a riverbed.

I also screened my Diviners film and we talked about the project research.

натуральне чорнило

I offered a few different activities at Chard Together festival: I had printed out imagery of local water system architecture, such as photographs of drain covers and pipes I have been collecting, I had related reference materials such as maps, historical images of local water related industry such as canals and mills. Participants could use shapes from these images to create mono prints and cut-outs from the prints to make collages. I also brought some botanical ink I made from plants growing around Chard reservoir for people to paint and experiment with. I also had a large board with pens to which people could add words and phrases about water local or general in different languages. Participants of all ages took part including from Nightingale group, other community groups participating in the event and general public visitors to the event.

Vera Courinha Marques lead a workshop using reference material I gave from the project including maps of the water system in the town, dowsing images, some of the locally found fossils I photographed, the high street water and images of river banks where bridges used to stand. These were used to paint from and for visually extracting patterns and shapes for mark making. Here are some of the results: 

With thanks to funding from Somerset Diverse Communities to support this part of the project.