I met with Jon Warfield (dowser) and Gerrie Bews + co from Chard museum for a water divining walk around Chard town centre. We attempted to locate the underground streams with dowsing rods and by using other above-ground signifiers like holly trees. Jon uses this piece of Iron ore as a pendulum to assess the depth and speed of the water. He uses something very heavy for a better reading in windy conditions. He explained that pretty much anything can be used as a pendulum.

We had also used pendulums at Holyrood.

After using them in the field during the first attempt at dowsing, following Jon’s instruction, we later wanted to test pendulum behaviour around a live battery. We used a piece of string wrapped round a stone found in the school river to dangle above the battery to see if the force from the battery was obvious (feels a bit like holding both negative or both positive ands of a magnet repelling). I thought it was quite clear but a couple of the students didn’t feel it.

Pendulums are another ancient tool of divination, but how does it work? I’m now looking into the science and mythology of pendulums. TBC…..

***Check back in a few weeks to learn more!