Using their water maps and historical images of water-finding techniques for reference, the students designed and made costumes to use in our water finding activities and filming.

The tunics and cloaks were decorated with water patterns, our dowsing lore, elements observes outside drawings, rituals and methods. 

We reviewed the work made in previous sessions and did some film tests, recording our explorations outside. The students interviewed each other about what they were doing. We explored the stream on the school grounds, used the rods do try some more divining and test if we could notice a reaction for surface water. We collected stone samples from the stream and recorded sounds. We talked about mystery and folklore and how a film could exist somewhere between documentary and fiction. 

Later I hemmed the costumes and embellished them for use in our future filming. 


A section from a large sheet of paper on which the students wrote words about the project so far in a brainstorming session.

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